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Charity Efforts Are For Happiness

A decade ago, JDC Foundation, a charitable and nonprofit organization embarked its journey starting from a small camp established at a densely populated area of Aisha Manzil, Karachi. Initially it catered the flood disaster victims and places, but later on, it worked hard to spread its branches and reach outz to an effective infrastructure that deals with liberation and rescue managements all across the province.

JDC Foundation Pakistan

In 2010, a group of young lads along with the supervision and guidance of Molana Muhammad Hasan initiated the unending journey which is famously renowned as, The JDC Foundation. It’s a welfare that’s charitable and non-profitable registered NGO that began with the sole purpose of serving the humanity with its basic needs, reaching out to the far-fetched horizons it has embraced till date.

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Flood Relief Fund

Donation to the Flood Relief Fund is applicable nationwide via JDC Foundation.


Fitra or fitrah is either the state of purity and innocence in which Muslims believe all humans to be born, or the ability to choose or reject God's guidance, with which both humans and jinn are endowed.
Free Sehri and Free Iftar

JDC Sehri & Iftar Program

JDC Sehri & Iftar Program

Free Mobile Restaurant

JDC recently launched free mobile restaurants in Karachi. The goal of the free mobile restaurant is to provide meals to the citizens as well as provide them shelter. There is a variety of food served in the free mobile restaurant, including the city’s famous biryani. The food served on the free mobile restaurant is free of sadaqah or zakat, which makes it accessible to all sects and beliefs. The goal is to provide a place where everyone can eat without feeling small.
Free Orphanage House In Karachi

Orphanage House

Taking a step towards building an Orphanage Please come forward and play your part by contributing in the construction of the orphanage. Let’s join hands and give these children a beautiful haven where they can live in peace and enjoy their life to the fullest. Support JDC.
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