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Free Covid Hospital In Karachi

Health Care & 1ST COVID-19 Hospital

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A revolutionary step was taken by JDC & Hussain Lakhani Trust for COVID-19 patients: In June, the Hussain Lakhani trust took a revolutionary step with the JDC foundation, where JDC pledged to provide free medical services including ICU, ventilator, oxygen cylinder, and other treatment facilities to COVID-19 patients.

Free Covid Hospital

In this collaboration, Hussain Lakhani Trust and JDC foundation decided to build a first free COVID-19 hospital in Karachi. The groundwork has been completed and the Trust said that thousands of people will benefit from it. The CEO of Hussain Lakhani Trust said ever since the lockdown began, JDC management was trying to build an emergency hospital.

Zafar Abbas, general secretary of JDC foundation, said that “this is the first COVID -19 emergency hospital project in Pakistan which has provided free of cost coronavirus patient care, and soon it will be declared the complete hospital where everything from emergency to ICU will be offered free of charge.” An agreement has been reached between JDC foundation and The Hussain Lakhani Trust in June 2020. The Hussain Lakhani Trust will fund the salaries of doctors, paramedics, and the cleaning staff. At the same time, the JDC Foundation will buy all the machines and equipment for the hospital. JDC’s important services for Hussain Lakhani hospital: All the services of the JDC foundation are excellent that they are providing the best service facility and best quality equipment to Hussain Lakhani hospital, which includes;

  •  X-ray machines - Xin dray medical international CO. limited.
  •  Portable X-ray machines
  •  Ventilators – Hamilton medical- Galileo model
  •  Air conditioning - Haier
  •  Oxygen cylinders – 6000-liter oxygen cylinder taken from Pakistan oxygen-limited company.
  •  ECG machines
  •  Defibrillator- Frank’s Defibrillators
  •  Monitors for the vital check- life care
  •  Medicine trollies
  •  Laryngoscope sets for adults and babies
  •  Hospital beds, drip stands, and stretchers
  •  Incubators for babies
  •  Bi-level positive airway pressure (BiPAP)
  •  C-pipes
  •  Compressor Nebulizers-ABM
  •  PPE surgical masks, KN95, gloves, face sheets, goggles, isolation gowns, etc.