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OUR DASTERKHAWAN OPERATION • NAUMAISH CHOURANGI • JOUHAR CHOURANGI • EXPO CENTRE • ABBASI SHAHEED HOSPITAL • SUKKHAR • Lahore Food shortages and hunger are very real problems in Pakistan. Therefore in 2011, JDC management started its first free food camp at Naumaish Churangi in the name of our beloved Prophet Muhammed’s grandson Imam Hassan (AS) – a concept originally from Madinah, Saudi Arabia. DASTERKHAWAN IMAM HASSAN (AS) aims to feed travelers and hungry people for free. Another JDC project in Ramadan is the Sehri and Iftaar Dashtarkhawan in Karachi, in which all people from society come together and enjoy a Ramzaan feast to share love and friendship. Everyone is welcome regardless of being rich or poor and JDC is dedicated to serving everyone one meal at a time, free of any cost. JDC feeds almost 10,000 people daily on a very large scale in many places in Karachi. Even celebrities come and participate in this program to help others and enjoy the feast at the end. It is a unique humanitarian initiative.