Pakistan has a high rate of poverty and low development. This leads to citizens of lower socioeconomic classes suffering due to the lack of resources available to them.

It is hard for a daily wage worker to be able to afford monthly groceries, rent, fees, and utilities. This is a reason why millions of people in this country are always worried about if they will even find work tomorrow and if that will allow them to feed and support their families or if all of them will go to sleep on empty stomachs.

Such depriving conditions call for people with privileges to step up and become a member of society. It is our responsibility to help provide meals to the ones who cannot afford them. JDC free rashan was founded under the same ideology.

The goal is to provide monthly free rashan in the slums of Karachi so that families will not have to sleep on empty stomachs. JDC free rashan will help ease the tension of the mind as people will be provided with monthly rashan boxes which will serve their whole family.

One packet of rashan will contain all the essentials including salt, sugar, oil, utensils, rice, and masalas. This free rashan bag is another way through which JDC will be supporting the needy.

The organization will arrange, delegate, and distribute these free rashan bags through their own volunteers. Like all of our operations, the free rashan bag is a welfare service that JDC charges absolutely nothing for and thus relies on your cooperation and support.

To become a source of happiness and peace for families and be a part of this initiative come forward and donate to JDC. Sadaqah and zakat are also accepted. Donate in the name of your loved ones so they can receive the reward for this gesture of goodwill.

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