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Flood Relief Fund

Donation to the Flood Relief Fund is applicable nationwide via JDC Foundation.


Fitra or fitrah is either the state of purity and innocence in which Muslims believe all humans to be born, or the ability to choose or reject God's guidance, with which both humans and jinn are endowed.
Free Sehri and Free Iftar

JDC Sehri & Iftar Program

JDC Sehri & Iftar Program

Free Mobile Restaurant

JDC recently launched free mobile restaurants in Karachi. The goal of the free mobile restaurant is to provide meals to the citizens as well as provide them shelter. There is a variety of food served in the free mobile restaurant, including the city’s famous biryani. The food served on the free mobile restaurant is free of sadaqah or zakat, which makes it accessible to all sects and beliefs. The goal is to provide a place where everyone can eat without feeling small.
Free Orphanage House In Karachi

Orphanage House

Taking a step towards building an Orphanage Please come forward and play your part by contributing in the construction of the orphanage. Let’s join hands and give these children a beautiful haven where they can live in peace and enjoy their life to the fullest. Support JDC.
Free Dialysis Centre in Karachi

Free Dialysis Center

This is our heartfelt appeal to all those listening to reach out their helping hands to the JDC foundation Pakistan. Our foundation has been working on serving people with medical treatments. We aid the people with dialysis and help them bring a smile to their faces. This Ramadan doesn’t let go of any chance in serving humanity and assist us to take our movements forward. Donate to bring happiness in their lives and raise yourself in front of Allah and more to your favor.
Free Dastarkhwan

Free Dastarkhwan

Our Free Dastarkhwan Operation and Locations: Free Dastarkhwan at Numaish Chourangi Free Dastarkhwan at Jouhar Chourangi Free Dastarkhwan at Expo Centre Free Dastarkhwan at Abbasi Shaheed Hospital Free Dastarkhwan at Sukkhar Free Dastarkhwan at Lahore Food shortages and hunger are very real problems in Pakistan. Therefore in 2011, JDC management started its first free dastarkhwan camp at Naumaish Churangi in the name of our beloved Prophet Muhammed’s grandson Imam Hassan(AS) – a concept originally from Madinah, Saudi Arabia. DASTERKHAWAN IMAM HASSAN (AS) aims to feed travelers and hungry people for free. Another JDC project in Ramadan is the Sehri and Iftaar Dashtarkhawan in Karachi, in which all people from society come together and enjoy a Ramzaan feast to share love and friendship. Everyone is welcome regardless of being rich or poor and JDC is dedicated to serving everyone one meal at a time, free of any cost. JDC feeds almost 10,000 people daily on a very large scale in many places in Karachi. Even celebrities come and participate in this program to help others and enjoy the feast at the end. It is a unique humanitarian initiative.
Free Education by JDC

JDC Free Educational System

Children do not choose to be born into poverty. Most grow up never realizing their human potential instead they face physical and psychological trauma, hunger malnutrition, disease, low self-esteem, and lack of opportunities. Therefore, the JDC foundation is working on an educational system aiming to transform the lives of underprivileged children by providing quality free education.
Free Ambulance Service in Karachi

Free Ambulance Services

JDC Ambulance service ensures that any medical emergency will be attended to and the person suffering will receive not only appropriate pre-hospital care in the Ambulance but will also be transferred to the nearest hospital. Over the years JDC has served a large number of patients and attended many events. JDC aims to provide patient transfer from or between places of medical treatment, such as hospitals, emergency medical appointments, and non-urgent transfers between cities to maintain the continuity of medical care. JDC continues to improve and expand its services in different areas of Pakistan.
Free Covid Hospital In Karachi

Health Care & 1ST Free COVID-19 Hospital

A revolutionary step taken by JDC & Hussain Lakhani Trust for COVID-19 patients: In June, the Hussain Lakhani trust took a revolutionary step with JDC foundation, where JDC pledged to provide free medical services including ICU, ventilator, oxygen cylinder, and other treatment facilities to COVID-19 patients. In this collaboration, Hussain Lakhani Trust and JDC foundation decided to build a first free COVID-19 hospital in Karachi. The groundwork has been completed and the Trust said that thousands of people will benefit from it. The CEO of Hussain Lakhani Trust said ever since the lockdown began, JDC management was trying to build an emergency hospital. Zafar Abbas, general secretary of JDC foundation, said that “this is the first COVID -19 emergency hospital project in Pakistan which has provided free of cost coronavirus patient care, and soon it will be declared the complete hospital where everything from emergency to ICU will be offered free of charge.” An agreement has been reached between JDC foundation and The Hussain Lakhani Trust in June 2020. The Hussain Lakhani Trust will fund the salaries of doctors, paramedics, and the cleaning staff. At the same time, the JDC Foundation will buy all the machines and equipment for the hospital. JDC’s important services for Hussain Lakhani hospital: All the services of the JDC foundation are excellent that they are providing best service facility and best quality equipment to Hussain Lakhani hospital, which includes; • X-ray machines - Xin dray medical international CO. limited. • Portable X-ray machines • Ventilators – Hamilton medical- Galileo model • Air conditioning - Haier • Oxygen cylinders – 6000-liter oxygen cylinder taken from Pakistan oxygen-limited company. • ECG machines • Defibrillator- Frank’s Defibrillators • Monitors for the vital check- life care • Medicine trollies • Laryngoscope sets for adults and babies • Hospital beds, drip stands, and stretchers • Incubators for babies • Bi-level positive airway pressure (BiPAP) • C-pipes • Compressor Nebulizers-ABM • PPE surgical masks, KN95, gloves, face sheets, goggles, isolation gowns, etc.


Pakistan has a high rate of poverty and low development. This leads to citizens of lower socioeconomic classes suffering due to the lack of resources available to them. It is hard for a daily wage worker to be able to afford monthly groceries, rent, fees, and utilities. This is a reason why millions of people in this country are always worried about if they will even find work tomorrow and if that will allow them to feed and support their families or if all of them will go to sleep on empty stomachs. Such depriving conditions call for people with privileges to step up and become a member of society. It is our responsibility to help provide meals to the ones who cannot afford them. JDC free rashan was founded under the same ideology. The goal is to provide monthly free rashan in the slums of Karachi so that families will not have to sleep on empty stomachs. JDC free rashan will help ease the tension of the mind as people will be provided with monthly rashan boxes which will serve their whole family. One packet of rashan will contain all the essentials including salt, sugar, oil, utensils, rice, and masalas. This free rashan bag is another way through which JDC will be supporting the needy. The organization will arrange, delegate, and distribute these free rashan bags through their own volunteers. Like all of our operations, the free rashan bag is a welfare service that JDC charges absolutely nothing for and thus relies on your cooperation and support. To become a source of happiness and peace for families and be a part of this initiative come forward and donate to JDC. Sadaqah and zakat are also accepted. Donate in the name of your loved ones so they can receive the reward for this gesture of goodwill. Help Us In Our Other Causes: • Free Mobile Restaurant • Orphanage House • Free Dialysis Center • Free Ambulance Services • Free Dastarkhwan