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For 1.5 decades, The JDC has been serving humanity to save and improve lives in Pakistan

For 1.5 decades, The JDC has been serving humanity to save and improve lives in Pakistan– having sincere love and affection and empowering them to brighten their future. Please consider supporting JDC with your Zakat online.


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Donate Zakat For Ambulances
Donate Zakat For Dastarkhuan
Donate Zakat For Old Age Home
Donate Zakat For School
Donate Zakat For Dialysis Center
Donate Zakat For Mobile Restaurants
Donate Zakat For Health Care
Donate Zakat For Educational Centers
Donate Zakat For Free Mortuary
Donate Zakat For Free Transport
Donate Zakat For Free Mayyat Bus
Donate Zakat For Kidney Center

Educate a Child

Rs. 3,400/Monthly
Rs. 40,800/Yearly

Educate a Child from
KG to Matric

Rs. 450,000/One-Time

Sponsor a Classroom
for a Year

Rs. 90,000/Monthly Rs. 1,080,000/Yearly

Support a School Unit
for a Year

Rs. 542,000/Monthly Rs. 6,500,000/Yearly

What is it called Zakat?

Zakat is one of the five main pillars of Islam that represents the robust building of Islam. In Zakat, all Muslims give 2.5% of their savings to help poor people. Zakat is worship that all Muslims have to do religiously. It shows that rich Muslims should take care of poor Muslims. The word “Zakat” means to make your amount and savings clean. Muslims suppose giving Zakat makes their money clean and makes God happy. Your Zakat can change people’s lives and help those who deserve it. 

What is the term Nisab?

The term Nisab identifies the minimum amount of assets. This Nisab is an eligibility to donate Zakat that has been fixed by Islam. 2.5% of your total amount is religiously needed to donate to those specifics who deserve it. These deserving people are also mentioned in Islam as those who can admit or not. Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) has set this eligibility. If you have 20 Mithqal of gold or 200 dirhams of silver, that is equivalent to 7.5 tola of gold and 52.5 tolas silver or equivalent amount, so you must donate Zakat. Here, this point is to mention that this will be used if anyone has only gold up to 7.5 tola, but if anyone has a mixture of different wealth (means three tola gold, four tola silver, and 7 thousand cash), then the minimum silver Nisab will be applicable to calculate your Zakat.

What are the sound effects of Zakat?

Zakat reflects your love and affection with Allah and religiously connects your soul with him. Because it minimizes wealth and affection from your heart, it has many social effects, including insurance that protects poor and really deserving people from deprivation, financial insecurity, and hunger. This obligatory act of charity wipes away minor sins and cleans our wealth. Allah mentioned in the Quran:

 “…but My mercy encompasses all things. I shall ordain My mercy for those who are conscious of God and pay the prescribed alms; who believe in Our Revelations.”

“My mercy encompasses all things, but I will specify it for the righteous who give Zakat” – (Quran 7:156)

Who are the deserving people of Zakat?

“Alms (here it means Zakat) are meant only for the poor, the needy, those who administer them, those whose hearts need winning over, to free slaves and help those in debt, for God’s cause, and for travelers in need. This is ordained by God; God is all-knowing and wise.” (Quran 9:60).

According to Allah describes in the Quran, there are eight types of recipients for Zakat charity:

The Poors, also called Fuqra

The needy people, also called Masakeen

Zakat charity collectors, also called Al-‘Aamileen

Friends of the Islamic society and/or reverting Muslim people, also called Al-Mu’allafatu-Al- Quloob

Servant’s freedom, also called Ar-Riqaab

Borrowers, also called Gharimeen

To happy Allah SWT, also called fi-Sabilillah

Wayfarer, also called Ibn-us-Sabil

Why should we donate to the Zakat charity?

We should donate Zakat to support poor and needy people. Everyone can give Zakat online to JDC in a few easy steps. Zakat is applied to donate all those people who are Muslim, Major(Baligh), sane, and owner of wealth with Nisab. You pay your Zakat up to 2.5% of your total savings and other related assets.

Which savings and assets are subject to Zakat?

In Islam, It is not compulsory to donate Zakat for every asset. Only those potential assets that may get an increase in growth are subject to donating Zakat. The assets are classified under these terms: trade, cash, prize bonds, travelers’ checks, gold, silver, livestock(goats, sheep, cows, and camels), and agriculture output.

When does Zakat donate?

Islam requires us to donate Zakat if we are obligators who have spent the full lunar year holding wealth. Your Zakat year begins when your money reaches a certain amount called Nisab. You should calculate and give to Zakat charity every year starting from that date.

Many Muslims prefer to donate to Zakat charity during Ramadan because the rewards for giving are even bigger during this holy month compared to other times of the year.

What is Zakat on gold?

If you have 7.5 tola gold, then you will have to pay a zakat amount of up to 2.5% of the total value of the gold. 

Is JDC's Zakat collection process compliant with Islamic Sharia?

JDC’s Zakat collection and usage are certified to be compliant with Islamic sharia. Our Zakat collection and usage processing structure has been fully reviewed by well-performed religious advisers. We have the certificate that approves that we are compliant with Islamic law. You can pay Zakat online through the “Zakat online” option, which is available on our website.

How can I pay my Zakat online to JDC?

There are many easy ways to pay my Zakat online to JDC. Visit the JDC website and go to further process or donate Zakat online using these bank account numbers.


United Bank Limited. Account Title: JDC WELFARE FOUNDATION OF PAKISTAN. Branch Code: 1301.

Meezan Bank Limited. Account Title: JDC WELFARE. FOUNDATION OF PAKISTAN. …

Bank Islami. Account Title: JDC WELFARE ORGANIZATION. Account Number: 102700616540366.

How does the JDC Foundation check the proper utilization of Zakat charity?

We have clear rules for how we use our Zakat charity money by applying SOPs. Our Religious Advisory team clears these SOPs. These donated Zakat online are served in Ambulances that support every emergency to all: Dastarkhwan, Old Age Home, Schools, Dialysis Centers, Mobile Restaurants, Health Care, Educational Centers, Free Mortuary, Free Transport, Free Mayyat Bus, and Kidney Centers. We understand the requirement of Zakat for education to give children a better future that is beneficial to the whole country.

Can I give Zakat online to educational institutions through JDC?

Yes, you can give Zakat online to educational institutes through JDC. We use these Zakat to support schools or Educational Centers. We believe our children are our valuable assets and can build a better Pakistan. Your Zakat is a last hope for those who depend on your Support for a better future. We discover them with the help of your Zakat charity.