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Charity Efforts Are For Happiness

JDC Foundation, a charitable and nonprofit organization, embarked on its journey starting from a small camp established at a densely populated area of Aisha Manzil, Karachi. Initially, it catered the flood disaster victims and places, but later on, it worked hard to spread its branches and reach out to an effective infrastructure that deals with liberation and rescue management all across the province.

JDC’s diligent efforts resulted in setting up camps that provide immediate aid to the urgent calls and matters. Also, it has been successful at establishing free medical camps which rescue and caters the abrupt needs. To be a source of prevailing equality among mankind irrespective of the specified modern traits of age, class, religion, or ethnicity. JDC is a registered organization with a charity commission government of Pakistan. It’s wholly operating as an independent charity welfare through the donations of both the members and the non-members. It is free from any government funding programs and agencies. The accounts are always exposed to its donors for self-satisfactory audit inspections.

A Welfare That’s Charitable & Non-profitable

In 2010, a group of young lads, along with the supervision and guidance of Molana Muhammad Hasan, initiated the unending journey which is famously renowned as, The JDC Foundation Pakistan. It’s welfare that’s a charitable and non-profitable registered NGO that began with the sole purpose of serving humanity with its basic needs, reaching out to the far-fetched horizons it has embraced till date.
The organization is there for all sorts of natural and unnatural fatalities, disasters, and dilemmas that mankind could ever encounter. Keeping in mind the one and only motive of this welfare is to reach out to those who are underprivileged, seek justice, and demand hospitality. The organization has made sure to leave no page devoid of its utmost concern for the well-being of the society. It made sure to prevail equality amongst the citizens and connecting hearts with all sorts of help according to the Islamic teachings and moral ethics of a democratic society. it adheres and moral ethics of a democratic society innocent people, promoting welfare to all ages, classes and creeds.

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More than 300,000 people are benefited daily by the JDC Foundation. The organization provides vocational training to unskilled people in various fields, renting of poor people houses, school fees and annual expenses of their children, assistance in marriage of their daughters, loan facility for running small scale business, rickshaws and motorbikes for employment, stalls, shop delivery, finger chips machine, sewing machines for women and other items are provided.