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Free Dialysis Services

Free Dialysis Center

Rescuing People from Such Situations.

At JDC Free Kidney Center in Faisalabad, we hold a different mission to offer disease patients with disease related organs that changed their lives. Established on 21st November, the flagship program provides free dialysis and kidney transplants to underprivileged Pakistani patients that do not have any means to cover the treatment.


Helping More Than 350 People To Date

When we started over three years ago, the JDC Free Kidney Center in Faisalabad turned out to be a lighthouse of hope for more than 350 kidney patients, and contact lenses patients with kidney problems. It is precisely our unceasing dedication to this cause that we have been able to see, within our organization, many cases that were successfully closed with patients receiving dialysis treatment free of charge and even some transplant procedures that were made possible due to the altruism of donors.

The Humanity behind Your Giving.

Our mission at the JDC Free Kidney Center Faisalabad tends on the part of great philanthropists and minor contributors that they unite in the desire to improve the life condition of people with kidney diseases. We first take care of the young patients and then of the adults and on the other hand we carefully investigate medical records to confirm the entitlement to the free services.

People are in calamity and agitation. Why would a kidney patient wait for hours? The way Karachi city’s population is increasing, Karachi’s population is now 4.5 to 5 crore. The way kidney patients are dying there is an irresistible need for dialysis centers.
Free Dialysis Services
JDC Free Dialysis

It is Not All About Bedsides.

We believe the treatment in the JDC Free Kidney Center orients everywhere except the health area. For this reason, we pass on the baskets with the monthly grocery assistance to the poorest participants of the clinic and their families and therefore they do not have to worry about buying the necessary food items and rather spend their attention on their recovery.

Helping More People Regain Their Hope


Following the success in Faisalabad, we have very expansion plans of 50 JDC Free Kidney Centers in whole Pakistan so that no one is kept under the dark of financial constraints or by geographic barriers. Our aim is to reach not scattered patients in needward but offer them the gift of hope and second life.

Come with us to Save lives!

Will you be part of our revolution? By your assistance we really make a change because no one will survive without proper kidney care. Together let us build a world where every individual has a shot at leading a healthy and happy way of living.

Start right now and join us in giving life to those whom we have a chance.