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JDC Free Dialysis Center in Sialkot

At the Free Dialysis Center here in Sialkot, we are trying to take care of renal patients and make them healthy again. Our medical center was built on a voluntary basis in November, 2023 to provide free dialysis treatment to patients who can’t afford it.

A High-Tech Dialysis Center in Sialkot

Our Sialkot Dialysis Center, in turn, is provided with state of the art technology to provide you with the perfect service. Our medical center has 5 dialysis machines and 10 patient beds, therefore it is able to provide up to 28 patients with services round-the-clock, every day. We practice serious rules of hygiene and by means of single-use dialyzers we ensure the best quality of treatment.


A specialists focused on private health.

Caring for you is what the Experts at JDC Free Dialysis Center Sialkot truly enjoy. They have the passion for patient care. We have a renal doctor, a medical officer and 3 highly skilled dialysis technicians in our staff who will easily ensure you get top quality medical service.


JDC Free Dialysis
JDC Free Dialysis

No More Transportation Worries

We know that for many of you (patients), getting to the center might not be easy, maybe because you don’t have much money to spend on transportation. That’s why we at the Free Dialysis Center in Sialkot have also initiated a free ambulance service for those who need it for real reasons. We want to do everything we can to eliminate any obstacles impeding the delivery of the life-saving services that you rightfully deserve to receive.



We are Striving to Bring Happiness to the ends of every street of Pakistan

Our Dialysis Centers in Sialkot leads the way for the rest of the country. Furthermore, we have already established 9 free dialysis centers and are working to increase the number to 50 all through Pakistan. The purpose is to eliminate the situation when people of different locations and wealth have limited access to this essential medical care.


Be Part of a Movement that transforms Lives

In Sialkot, the JDC Free Dialysis Center, we are confident that everybody deserves a chance to live healthily. Through your contribution to our cause, you will make a difference in the lives of numerous patients who are desperately waiting for a kidney transplant. All together, we can be sure that no one is left unattended to.


Start the journey now and be a part-taker of the transformative job role played by the JDC Free Dialysis Center in Sialkot.