We are Distributing

Flood Relief Fund

Since day one JDC Foundation Pakistan has been involved to prevent flood-affected people of Pakistan through the resources generated from all segments of the society in this epidemic disastrous catastrophe of the present era. We have given 50,000 Rations bags to Sindh Rangers, 50,000 Ration bags to Pakistan Airforce and 25,000 Ration bags to Pakistan Navy and distributed more than 2-Million Ration Bags and 500,000 Mosquito Nets to the Flood Affectees
Our volunteers worked 24/7 in all flood-affected areas of Pakistan; Balochistan, Sindh, South Punjab, and KPK provided them essentials they needed such as ready-to-eat food, water, clothes, medicines, Ladies sanitary pads, diapers, mosquito safety nets and tents where they can live in shade. But still, this disaster is not over yet we need your support to rebuild this nation again. We are still collecting donations to deliver them warm clothes as we all know winters season has arrived and it’s really difficult for them to live without blankets and warm clothes. So keep supporting us because the disaster is not over yet and still need our support.