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Join Hands, Make a Difference with Qurbani Online 2024

Qurbani, meaning “sacrifice,” is an important practice observed by Muslims each year during the Islamic month of Dhul Hijjah.
This tradition involves slaughtering an animal—such as a goat, sheep, cow, or camel—to honor the willingness of Prophet Ibrahim to sacrifice his son Ismail for the sake of Allah (God).

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said:
“The son of Adam does not do any action on the day of sacrifice (Eid al-Adha) which is more pleasing to Allah than the shedding of blood (Qurbani). On the Day of Judgment, it will appear with its horns and hooves and hair. The blood certainly reaches Allah before it falls to the ground, so let your hearts be content with that.” (Sunan Ibn Majah)

In 2024, the goal is to distribute Qurbani online meat to more people than ever before.
After the sacrifice, the meat is given to those in need. If you’re curious about how organizations like JDC manage the distribution, you can find more details by giving us a call and get all the right information.
For Muslims who are financially capable, donating Qurbani is highly encouraged by most scholars and considered obligatory in all the Madhab.
Specific rules govern which animals are suitable for sacrifice, ensuring they are healthy and have led a good life, as well as guidelines on how the sacrifice should be performed.
At JDC, we observe the practice of Qurbani online with deep respect and strict adherence to Islamic teachings.
For those seeking a convenient way to fulfill their Qurbani obligation, donating online offers a hassle-free and meaningful option.
In this guide, we’ll walk you through the benefits and process of donating Qurbani online, making it easier for you to engage in this sacred act and make a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

Give Qurbani Online

Qurbani has deep roots in Islamic history, reminding us of Prophet Ibrahim’s (AS) unshakable faith and obedience to Allah (SWT).
It symbolizes the willingness of Muslims to give up their worldly possessions and desires for the sake of Allah.
Giving qurbani online has never been easier. With our qurbani calculator, you can quickly and efficiently make your donation.
We organize qurbanis around the globe, adjusting prices based on the local cost of animals. As Allah (SWT) instructs in the Holy Qur’an:

“So turn in prayer towards your Lord and sacrifice.”
Qur’an | 108:2

We all make sacrifices in our lives for the sake of our friends, family, and neighbors. By giving qurbani, you extend this spirit of generosity to those in desperate need. Today, a heartbreaking 1 in 9 people worldwide suffer from chronic hunger. But there’s a way to make a difference: by donating qurbani, you can help feed a family in need this Eid. The first ten days of Dhul Hijjah are the most sacred of the year, cherished by Allah (SWT).
By donating through JDC, you can take part in the blessings of this holy month. As Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said:

Who is Eligible for Qurbani?

JDC follows a specific set of criteria to determine who is eligible to receive Qurbani. The process ensures that the most vulnerable families benefit. Here’s what we consider:

⦁ Income Level: Families living below the minimum income threshold for their country.
⦁ Female-Headed Households: Homes where women are the primary earners.
⦁ Families with Special Needs: Households that include disabled or elderly members.
⦁ Young Children: Families with children under the age of five.
⦁ Expectant Mothers: Pregnant women in need.
⦁ Nursing Mothers: Women who are breastfeeding.
⦁ Market Access: Families with limited or no access to local markets.

Our teams carry out thorough assessments to weigh and prioritize these criteria. This careful approach helps ensure that Qurbani reaches those who need it most, without any bias.

Cheapest Qurbani 2024: The Risks of Choosing the Lowest Price

While many are concerned about affordability, opting for the cheapest Qurbani can lead to unexpected problems.
Some organizations or suppliers might cut corners on animal welfare or engage in unethical practices to offer lower prices. There have been instances where funds were misused, or the Qurbani wasn’t performed at all.
This not only deprives those in need of the intended aid but also undermines the spiritual significance of the donor’s act of worship.
Choosing the cheapest Qurbani isn’t always the best option. Make sure the animal is healthy and fit according to Islamic tradition.
This is why we recommend avoiding dubious charities and instead opting for organizations with more transparency and accountability, such as matwproject.org.

Ensuring the Integrity of Charitable Organizations

When you entrust your Qurbani to a charitable organization, it’s essential to choose one that operates transparently and follows Islamic guidelines.
Potential donors should research organizations to verify their credibility, including their methods of animal handling, slaughter, and meat distribution.
Many reputable charities provide documentation or reports on their Qurbani processes, ensuring that the rituals are conducted ethically and the meat reaches those in need.

The Spiritual Implications of a Good Qurbani

Performing a good Qurbani upholds the spiritual goals of the ritual—obedience to God, compassion, and a desire to help others.
The process reflects the donor’s sincerity and commitment to faith, showing a willingness to sacrifice something valuable in the way of God.
A properly conducted online Qurbani honors the spirit of the sacrifice and maximizes the benefits for recipients, providing them with not just food but also a share in the communal celebration of Eid.
The quality of Qurbani is essential for fulfilling its religious, ethical, and social purposes. By choosing healthy animals and reputable organizations, donors can avoid the pitfalls of fraud and ensure their contributions genuinely help those in need.
A good online Qurbani not only adheres to religious laws but also embodies justice and compassion, key principles of Islam brought to life through this sacred practice.
This approach affirms the donor’s piety and strengthens the collective spirit of the Muslim community worldwide.

Honoring Sunni and Shia Traditions with Qurbani at JDC

At JDC, we respect both Sunni and Shia traditions and strive to accommodate the Qurbani practices of each community.
By adhering to guidelines from authentic Hadiths, we create an inclusive environment for all Muslims.

What are Qurbani Shares?
Qurbani can be done either individually or with others. For individual Qurbani, a person takes full responsibility for the sacrifice.
When multiple people contribute to a single Qurbani, the sacrifice is divided into shares accordingly.
JDC offers various options for Qurbani shares, allowing participants to choose how they want to take part.

⦁ Solo Share
Opting for a solo share means an individual performs their own Qurbani by covering the full cost of an animal.
This method allows for personal responsibility and a deeper connection to the act of sacrifice.
JDC offers a variety of animals, including goats, sheep, cows, and camels, to meet the diverse needs and preferences of our community.

⦁ Combined Share
The combined share option lets individuals pool their resources with others to cover the cost of a larger animal.
JDC helps form groups based on specific shares, ensuring fairness and transparency.
Participants are assigned their respective shares, and the animals are sacrificed collectively for all contributors.

How Much Does Qurbani Cost? How Are Prices Determined?

⦁ Commitment to Quality
Qurbani is a deeply significant act of worship, especially cherished by Allah (SWT) during the days of Tashreek.
To honor this, JDC prioritizes high-quality standards when selecting sacrificial animals.
Our criteria include the health, weight, and age of the animals to ensure the best possible offering.

⦁ Upholding High Standards
We believe in providing the highest quality meat to our brothers and sisters worldwide.
As believers, we are encouraged to love for others what we love for ourselves.
This dedication to quality means our costs are higher, but it also supports the economic growth of the farmers who raise our qurbani animals.

⦁ Reaching Remote Areas
JDC is committed to delivering aid to the most vulnerable, often in remote and hard-to-reach communities.
Transporting qurbani meat to these areas can be challenging and costly, especially in regions affected by conflict or disasters.
These logistical challenges are factored into the overall cost of qurbani.

“And the camels and cattle We have appointed for you as among the symbols of Allah; for you therein is good. So mention the name of Allah upon them when lined up [for sacrifice]; and when they are [lifeless] on their sides, then eat from them and feed the needy and the beggar.”
(Quran 22:36)

Qurbani Options at JDC:

At JDC, you have several choices for your Qurbani, whether you prefer goats, cows, or camels. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect:


Cost: PKR: 21000/-

Details: This is a great option for those who prefer to sacrifice a smaller animal. It’s a popular choice for individual sacrifices.


Options: Solo or Share

1. Solo:

Cost: PKR: 96000/-

Details: This option is perfect if you want to take full responsibility for the Qurbani. You cover the entire cost and perform the sacrifice on your own.

2. Share:

Cost: PKR: 13,714/– per share (available for both Fiqa-e-Hanfia and Fiqa-e-Jaffaria)

Number of Shares: 7 (for each Fiqa)

Details: This option allows you to contribute towards a cow along with others. Each share costs RS., and the meat is divided among all participants.


Cost: PKR: 250,000/

1. Share:

Cost: PKR: 35,714/– per share (for both Fiqa-e-Hanfia and Fiqa-e-Jaffaria) RS. /- per share (for Fiqa-e-Jaffaria only)

Number of Shares:
7 (for each Fiqa)
70 (for Fiqa-e-Jaffaria)
Details: Similar to the cow share option, you can contribute towards the cost of a camel. This allows for a larger sacrifice, and the meat is distributed among all contributors.
JDC offers a range of Qurbani options to suit different preferences and budgets. Whether you choose a goat, a cow, or a camel, you can find an option that works for you.

How to Donate Qurbani Online with JDC

Giving Qurbani online with JDC is easy and hassle-free. Here’s how you can do it:

⦁ Visit the JDC Website: Start by heading to the official JDC website. Look for the Qurbani donation section.
⦁ Choose Your Qurbani Package: Pick the package that fits your needs and budget. JDC offers a range of options, both local and international.
⦁ Enter Donation Details: Fill in your information, including your name, contact details, and preferred payment method.
⦁ Complete the Donation: Finalize your donation securely through JDC’s payment gateway. You’ll likely get a confirmation email or receipt for your records.

And that’s it! Your Qurbani online donation is made easy with JDC.

Serving Millions of People with Your Online Qurbani Donations

Thanks to your generosity, we were able to extend a helping hand to millions of people in need last year.
Your donations all across the world made a real difference in the lives of vulnerable individuals and families all over Pakistan.
Your support provided not just food, but quality meat, a vital source of protein for those who need it most.
It’s a testament to the impact we can make when we come together to support one another.
At JDC, we take pride in ensuring that only the finest quality meat is used, following the traditions of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).
We believe in upholding these standards because we understand the importance of providing dignity and nourishment to those in need.
By partnering with local suppliers, we not only maintain quality but also contribute to the growth of local economies, helping communities thrive.
As we reflect on the sacrifice and devotion of Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) during this blessed time of Dhul Hijjah, consider joining us in making a sacrifice that truly matters. Your donation can bring hope and sustenance to a family facing hardship.
This Dhul Hijjah, let’s seize the opportunity to reap the rewards of these blessed days. Your contribution can make a world of difference. Donate now and be a beacon of light for those in need.