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Free Motorcycle Scheme By JDC

Free bike by JDC

Free Motorcycle Scheme By JDC

Karachi is a metropolitan city. The busy streets, the ever-going chatter, the lively nights, business opportunities, the hustling, and the bustling paints a vivid picture of a happy and alive city. But unfortunately, at the same time, there is a dark side to this city that is only experienced by the people living in it.

The city has been infested with crimes, from snatching to robberies, kidnapping to extortions, and from murders to terrorism; the city has suffered huge losses.

If you were to discuss the lifestyle of anyone living in Karachi, you will definitely see them mention “MOTORCYCLE.” A motorcycle is a two-wheeled petrol engine vehicle that has become a part of Karachi’s image.

From swiveling out of rush hour traffic or going on long rides with friends, motorcycles have played an important role in the lives of Karachiites. For some, these vehicles are a source of fun, but at the same time, millions of people have their livelihoods attached to them.

The city has an extensive network of food deliveries done only through motorcycles, then there are bike rental services, and lastly, millions use motorcycles to commute to their work.

Since crime has roots in the city, motorcycles have become an easy target for criminals. The fact that motorcycles can be started and driven away in seconds, the ease of their use has allowed the criminals to loot thousands of them from hardworking citizens. A loss of a motorcycle leads to many problems, some lose their livelihood and others lose their source of happiness.

Due to a troubled economy, motorcycles are not something that can be afforded on a daily basis, so when a middle-class person loses theirs, it is a strong possibility that their lives start to spiral down since now they cannot work and are also unable to afford a new one leaving them stuck in this hellhole loop.

JDC foundation, with help of donations, has started a scheme to provide bikes to the victims of such incidents. They recently launched a scheme where they asked for applications and, after vetting them decided to award free motorcycles to the deserving. Motorcycles are a sustainable gift as they become a lifelong partner, and since JDC wants to empower the citizens, motorcycles seem like the best option.

JDC’s free motorcycle scheme aligns with their other offerings, such as Free Dastarkhwan, free ration distribution, free education, and free dialysis services through which they try to provide maximum support to the people in a way that impacts their lives positively.