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IT Center, A great initiative by inDriver and the JDC foundation

Free IT Center In Pakistan

IT Center, A great initiative by inDriver and the JDC foundation

In this era of modern technology, the IT sector is one of the fastest growing sectors of Pakistan. Overall the sector contributes about 1% of Pakistan’s GDP. Despite the IT sector growth in Pakistan, there remains a large number of underprivileged teenagers and students, who don’t have an excess to a basic education in information technology. Because of the high cost of equipment, which is required to study, like laptops, computer systems, software or internet access, even the brightest students may not be able to afford to pursue studies in this field.

To help these students and support their communities, inDriver is introducing its social project, “BeginIT”. BeginIT offers coursework in IT to students and provides both equipment and a proven curriculum free of charge to qualified students.

BeginIT has already impacted the lives of students around the world, in more than 13 countries, including Kenya, Indonesia, Kazakhstan and many more. The goal of BeginIT is to provide teenagers the opportunities an education in IT affords, to better themselves, contribute to their local communities and help create a valuable contribution to their country.

“We believe that BeginIT will positively influence the fate and well-being of the participants. Among these students will emerge a new generation of talented programmers, designers, IT entrepreneurs, scientists and other representatives of the new economy” – said CEO & Founder of inDriver Arsen Tomsky.

To fulfill this idea of supporting the nation and its future generation in Pakistan, inDriver (BeginIT) collaborated with the JDC Foundation, which has been active in local communities in Pakistan.The Foundation has played a big role in support of youth education, in particular working with those, who can’t afford to pay fees for formal education. BeginIT and JDC together launched a curriculum for youth education, while JDC – IT city offers additional coursework focused on young women. Providing basic education to these underserved populations about IT is a key guiding principle of this joint effort. To join course “Introduction to Information Technology” by BeginIT x JDC, click the link https://promo.indriver.com/jdcitcourse