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JDC Confirmed: Chicken Infectious Diseases In Pakistan (2022)


JDC Confirmed: Chicken Infectious Diseases In Pakistan (2022)

Pakistan is a country that appreciates great food. From Karachi to Gilgit, various kinds of food have become an integral part of our culture.

From Biryani to Nihari, Chargha to BBQ, the most common curry chicken has become a huge part of our taste buds. From children to adults, everyone has developed an affinity for chicken food, which is why most people prefer chicken over other types of meat.

Due to the soaring likeness for chicken, many investors have invested in the poultry farms and made good money from it. Still, unfortunately, some have been blinded by the profits and thus just want to sell their product no matter if it is even defective.

This phenomenon was on display last time when bird flu hit the chicken farms and un-fit to consume meat was sold by these farms leading to an increase in the deterioration of health of consumers.

The flu also caused the death of a massive number of chickens, and due to constant demand, the prices skyrocketed since there was a shortage on the market.

Recently there has been a new wave of photos on social media that shows a new kind of illness in chickens. Zafar Abbas went and investigated and discussed it with a poultry farm caretaker. He was told that the issue starts with the swelling of the eyes of the chicken, and slowly the swelling increases so much it restricts the airflow causing loss of breath and eventual death, a process that takes a week to complete.

Zafar Abbas made a plea and requested the owners of the poultry and their experts to come out and issue a warning regarding this new illness if it was harmful to humans. He requested them to put the consumers before profits and asked them to tell the world if the chicken had become unfit for consumption. He said that they need to come out and clear the air, either way, to give a sense of relief to the users.

JDC foundation uses chicken in a large quantity on a daily basis; the chicken is used to produce meals on the free dastarkhwan, free iftars and sehris, free mobile restaurants, and also distributed through free ration packages. JDC feels like it is also their responsibility to provide healthy food to the people who visit them. Thus, they would like to be provided with knowledge about the fitness of the chickens they use.

People should be provided with timely and accurate knowledge to save themselves from unnecessary illnesses and create a better helpful environment for each other.