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JDC – Ramadan Sehri Inshallah This Year – Syed Zafar Abbas

JDC – Ramadan Sehri Inshallah This Year – Syed Zafar Abbas

Ramzan is the 9th month in the Islamic Lunar calendar. The month is considered the holiest by Muslims since they observe fasts in this month. Fasting is one of the most spiritually connecting acts in Islam and thus is considered extremely important by Muslims. The month of Ramzan is full of festivities such as Iftar, Taraweeh, Sehri, and night-long prayers. This month is considered as a spiritual cleanser by Muslims, and every Muslim tries to participate in good deeds as they possibly can.

JDC Foundation also lives and breathes the spirit of Ramzan and actively provides welfare services in this holy month. JDC iftar is attended by millions over the whole month and is a crown jewel of their welfare services. Not just JDC but thousands of welfare organizations and even independent citizens provide iftar services to the people. These free iftar services have become an essential part of the city’s culture, and you will see people varying from children to old aged men and women providing these services according to the best of their abilities.

Last year JDC decided to introduce Sehri as well. Numaish Chorangi was chosen as the center for Sehri since it is in the center of the city and where the first free dastarkhwan was started. The Sehri services start from 2:30 am and go on till Fajar. The plan is to provide not just a place to eat Sehri but also to offer exotic and gourmet meals to the lower classes who usually cannot afford these expensive dishes. The Sehri center is free of discrimination, and people from all castes and even religions are welcome to have a good meal and if they want, they can take it to their homes as well.

The Sehri is also attended by various media celebrities, and prominent religious scholars from different schools of thought and all of them share a meal and a laugh creating a vibrant atmosphere in the center of the city.

The foundation also provides new clothing to the needy in accordance with the celebrations of EId-ul-Fitr. The donations are gathered throughout the month and the delivery of clothes starts from 22nd Ramzan and ends on 27th. The foundation believes that just like how everyone celebrates Ramzan, everyone should also celebrate Eid in a similar fashion.

The month of Ramzan is a holy month for Muslims that brings out the best in all the people of the city. People from different religions join in and participate in the festivities of this month, and JDC wants to ensure this tradition continues long through their free Sehri and iftar services.

The JDC foundation is immensely proud of the support they have received from locals and overseas Pakistanis that has allowed the foundation to provide these services for free to the citizens of this country.