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JDC Spotlight in Karachi Beats as Top 10 NGOS in Pakistan

JDC Spotlight in Karachi Beats as Top 10 NGOS in Pakistan

JDC Foundation Pakistan stands out as top 10 NGOs in Pakistan that has been recently listed by Karachi Beats. Founded in 2009 by Zafar Abbas, JDC has become one of Pakistan’s largest welfare organizations and reached over sixty million beneficiaries with programs covering healthcare

JDC promotes free education for children in about 230 schools. Outside classrooms, the foundation is committed to disaster management through its fleet of over 300 ambulances that are offered free during emergencies.

JDC has pioneered in the healthcare industry with free dialysis and diagnostics centres as well established Pakistan’s first specialized COVID hospital. The foundation is leading the sector due to its responsiveness and commitment in addressing growing healthcare problems.

Local partners are empowered through JDC’s liberal model which enables the last-mile connection. This guarantees that aid intervention reaches out to the most distant sectors thus boosting efficiency. The benevolent character of the foundation was evident at events like 2010 floods and COVID-19 crises where JDC acted as first responders.

Free Dastarkhuwan of JDC is an integral part of the mission aims at fighting hunger and provides over 100,00 meals daily all around Pakistan especially in Karachi. This undertaking demonstrates JDC’s commitment to addressing immediate needs and transforming solutions.

Along with JDC Foundation Pakistan, Karachi Beats recognizes its essential contribution to the shaping of a humane future for Pakistan through being one of top 10 NGO. In the philanthropic community, JDC stands out as a symbol of hope and motivation due to its unwavering activities, creative methods, and dedication in inclusivity.