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Source: Daily Pakistan

KARACHI: Many charitable organizations in Pakistan are engaged in the service of humanity. Whenever there is a difficult time for Pakistan, the charitable organizations in Pakistan unite day and night. The history of the establishment of welfare institutions in Pakistan also dates back to the time of the establishment of Pakistan and the few existing in the welfare institutions have an international reputation.

Whenever it comes to welfare institutions, the name of Edhi Sahib immediately comes to mind but there are some people and institutions who are still following in the footsteps of Edhi Sahib and serving humanity. JDC is an organization that is a new chapter in welfare organizations.

For the past 12 years, the JDC welfare organization is serving all over Pakistan and almost in all areas of human development. JDC has expanded its services in areas like:

  • Free Mobile Restaurant In Karachi
  • Orphanage House
  • Free Dialysis Center
  • Free Ambulance Services
  • Free Educational System
  • Free Dastarkhwan

From helping individuals to families and promoting ideas and initiatives that can help develop Pakistan, JDC aims to expand to a whole new level that can make Pakistan a prosperous place.

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