What kind of work has the welfare organization “JDC” done? Something you may not know

KARACHI: Many charitable organizations in Pakistan are engaged in the service of humanity. Whenever there is a difficult time for Pakistan, the charitable organizations in Pakistan unite day and night. The history of the establishment of welfare institutions in Pakistan also dates back to the time of the establishment of Pakistan and the few existing in […]

JDC Welfare Foundation Emerged as Ray of Hope For People in Distress

With the perfect combination of sincerity and outstanding efforts, JDC Welfare Foundation is engaged in almost all domains and spheres of welfare work to promote the physical and material well-being of people in need for the last 12 years. From health care services to providing free food, free education, and financial assistance to students, widows, and […]


hroughout the times’ humanity has grown, evolved, and survived with the help of each other. A perfect society is one where everyone helps each other to the best of their abilities to improve the living conditions of all members of society. In recent times with ever-growing problems such as economic recession, poverty, scarcity of resources, […]